Cherita Chocolate


"Founded and created by women for women, Cherita Chocolate infuses local ingredients, such as Gula Melaka, coconut crumbles, natural molasses sugar and more into their products, perfect for the health-conscious shopper of the 21st century. Cherita Chocolate was started by Rizaini Mokhtar. With her love for chocolate she attended baking and chocolate-making classes after leaving her previous job. She first started making her creations for friends and family and then she reached out to corporations and began curating personalised gifts for them. In 2020, she was ready to grow the business even further and partnered with Suri Daman, who came on board with skills in retail and branding. The cocoa beans in Cherita Chocolate are locally sourced from local cocoa farms in Selangor, Melaka and Pahang. This makes this product truly Malaysian. Cherita Chocolate highlights the amazing effects of dark chocolate to uplift our moods and will continue its mission to spread love, positivity on women's strengths & championing mental health. As mental health is a matter close to Rizaini’s heart, Cherita Chocolate collaborated with the Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association last year and a portion of its sales went to the organisation. Because of that, The Artisans Haven features this product in the category of Shop for Good. "


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  • 2. What is the number of monthly views on TAH?

    After 6 months, The Artisans Haven's website has 20,000 unique views per month. On Facebook, The Artisans Haven reaches out to 500,000 social media users.

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    We have an encouraging responses from many of our tenants for our efforts to showcase their products regularly on social media and the press.

  • 4. Is there a report to track shoppers' visit?

    Yes, this is available for Stores, on a monthly basis.

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    Stores can be updated weekly and store-lites monthly. Ad hoc updates can be arranged. Just email us at or via agreed google drive.

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    If you sign up for other facilities such as e-commerce, Bonuslink or Buy Now Pay Later, there are commissions to be paid to these owners.

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    Yes, please.